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The journal “History of Medicine” is a peer reviewed academic research journal. Editors focus on the historical aspects in the development of medicine as a science within the contemporary worldviews and social culture.

ISSN 2311-6919

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The Journal is Published Twice a Year.

Founders of the journal

I.M. Sechenov

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Aims and Scope of the Journal

  • Developing the academic study of the history of medicine as a part of general history of natural science;
  • Historical analysis of the establishment and development of medicine, its leading schools and branches;
  • Studying the roles of the most accomplished scientists in creating new methods and basic medical theories;
  •  Forming discussion groups and conducting historical-medical research within the framework of modern theoretical and methodological approaches in history of natural science;
  • Bringing to light the methodological approaches pertinent to the teaching history of medicine.