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Tourism Village Development in Kertasari District

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Akhmad Yani Surachman Yusman Kurniawan Sandi Siti Rohani Assya Qorry Nursafitri


The attractiveness of tourist objects can be seen from the level of ease of access, the completeness of tourist service facilities, the level of management of tourism potential, and the level of diversity of tourism activities. Tourism villages or tourism objects along with their complete facilities and rides cannot be separated from competition to get as many visitors as possible. Thus, developing the concept of a tourist village can be achieved through fulfilling one of the three categories of functional, symbolic and experiential needs of the community. The construction and development of a tourist village in the Kertasari District has no differentiation compared to other regional tourist objects. Therefore, the construction and development of tourist villages in Kertasari District can use a strategy using the segmentation method. By understanding who the tourist community is, tourism object managers can determine how to reach them, what rides are needed, and how to defend the tourist community from competing tourist attractions.

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