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The Study of The Pattern of Back Pain Patients in Babylon Province

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Ali Abbas Hashim Almusawi


Back pain is the commonest cause that individuals to seek medical advice and sometimes loss their work and causes disability worldwide. The study aims to estimate the common cause of lower back pain in Babylon province and to determine the best surgical procedure for those who need surgery. Method: On 100 patients, a cross-sectional investigation was done; 45 patients were (female) and 55 patients were (male), attending an outpatient clinic in Hilla teaching hospital. All of the study participants complained of back discomfort, and their health was assessed through clinical checks and MRIs. Results: single-level disc prolapse account for 20%, constituting 20% of the total number of patients complaining of lower back pain in this study, and 10% of total patients complaining of lower back pain in this study at the different spinal level. Conclusion: For men, lumbar disc degeneration is the most typical cause of lower back pain. Per the patient, many levels of disc involvement were seen. The MRI was the often-used imaging modality for determining disc pathology.

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