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The Role of The Management of Masjid At-Taubah in Religious Activities, Formation and Strengthening of Sakinah Families to Help Reduce the Trend of Divorce

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Muhsin, Fadhilah Aliffa Sasmita, Tedi Suryadi, Rusdi, M. Hilwan Al-Ghafiqi Khodimul K


The increasing trend of divorce is a serious concern in society, and sakinah families are considered a solution to overcome this problem. This study aims to explore the role of the administrators of Masjid At-Taubah in religious activities, formation and strengthening of sakinah families to help reduce the trend of divorce. Qualitative research methods with a case study approach are used to gain a deep understanding of the role of mosque administrators in an effort to form a harmonious family based on Islamic teachings. The results showed that the management of the At-Taubah mosque has a key role in religious programs that focus on fostering and strengthening the sakinah family

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