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The relationship between thyroid hormones and IGF-1 after thyroidectomy

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Essam N. T ,Raid M. H. AL-Salih


Background: decreased IGF-1 and thyroid hormones are one of the major complications following total thyroidectomy that can range in severity from asymptomatic to an acute life-threatening condition. Aim of the study to evaluate the decreased IGF-1 and thyroid hormones in total thyroidectomy patients, with regard to the time periods after the operation. The design of the study included the presence of three groups of patients with different characteristics in terms of time periods after the total removal of the thyroid gland, and a fourth group is the healthy group, and each group consisted of 30 samples. Patients with cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, and pregnant women were excluded from the study, and the study was limited to patients who had thyroid gland removal operations for reasons or benign tumors. The results of this study have shown, decreased IGF-1 and thyroid hormones was different from one group to another, but all three groups were lower than the control group, where the first group was more low, then the second and third groups, which were higher than the first and second groups, and lower than the control group. Conclusion: All patients different ages and time periods after the total thyroidectomy, they were decreased IGF-1 and thyroid hormones.

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