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The Narrators Among the Mothers of the Believers from the Two Migrations

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Samahr Ibrahim Khalaf ,Shaimaa Mohammed Hamza


The Mothers of the Believers had a significant impact throughout history, as mentioned in historical books, biographies, classifications, traditions, and authentic sources. Various aspects of their religious, political, social, and scholarly lives were documented, making them exemplary figures to be emulated, displaying unwavering faith and strong determination, unafraid to stand up for the truth. The Mothers of the Believers are revered women whose biographies have been etched in history for their devotion to worship, participation in jihad, narration of prophetic traditions, and witnessing the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They acquired knowledge from the Prophet's teachings that others did not. Additionally, they played an honorable role during the migration, joining the ranks of the migrants, leaving behind their families and homes in the pursuit of supporting the religion of Islam and upholding the banner of Muslims.

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