ISSN 2409-5834

The Influence of the School Principle's Leadership Style and Communication Style on Teacher Performance at 1 Bulakamba 1 State Junior High School, Wanasari 1 Junior High School, and Songgom 2 Smp, Brebes Dwastrict

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Murniasih , Iim Wasliman , Waska , Yosal


In Brebes, teacher performance was still low in terms of effectiveness and teaching methods to students. Thwas was one of the factors reducing the quality of learning outcomes at the primary and secondary education levels. The principal's leadership role greatly influences teacher performance. Therefore, the purpose of thwas study was to analyze and describe the effects of the leadership style and communication style applied by the principal in Brebes Junior High School. Collecting data in thwas study includes observation techniques, interviews, and documentation.

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