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The Effect of Using the Eclectic Method on Maharoh Al Kalam Learning

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Imam Asrofi , Ikhsan Firmansyah , Yana Mulyana, Kika Mudrikatussalimah, Putri Nais Nur'aeni


Arabic language skills and proficiency are divided into four, namely listening skills (maharah al-istima'), reading skills (maharah al-qira'ah), speaking skills (maharah al-kalam), and writing skills (maharah alkitabah). Mastery of Arabic in the aspect of language skills is one of the problems that occur among students, the difficulties faced by students in learning Arabic are influenced by the lack of knowledge of Arabic, because most of them do not have a basic Arabic language. The purpose of this study is to analyze the application, advantages, and disadvantages of eclectic methods in developing speaking skills (Maharah al-kalam).

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