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The Effect of Alcoholic Extract of the Celery Seeds Apium graveolenes on the Histological Characteristics of the Swiss Rat Testis Treated with the Depakine Drug

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Zainab Jawad Naki Al- Busaid,Widad Hashim Yahya,Sammar Faisal Jaafar,Zainab Mahdi Jasim AL-Saygh


The current study has been conducted in the animal house / Department of Biology at the College of Education for Women / University of Kufa between 1-2-2022 and 1-1-4-2022 comprising the use of 24 males of white rats of (the Sprague Dawley Breed) at an age of more than 12 weeks and with an average weight ranging between( 200 and 300g) that have been divided randomly into four equal groups: The first group is considered as a control group which has been injected with the physiological saline at a concentration of 0.9%.

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