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The Comparative Study of Some Immunological Technique and Diagnosis of Hydatidososis by Using Crude Ag of Hydatid Cyst

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Khalid R. Kareem ,Hussein Wahhab Rabeea ,Haidar Jiham Abdulfadhil


Echinococcosis is a cyclozoonotic infection of global distribution. It is one of the main forms of parasitic disease in farm animals that is caused by adult or larval stages of cestodes belonging to the genus Echinococcus, which use canines as definitive host and various herbivores or rodent as intermediate host, different species of Echinococcus cause different diseases in humans. The presented study was aimed to establish a noninvasive immunological test in Najaf Governorate. Of total of 80 clinical samples were collected from June to December 2021. The blood samples were taken from individuals infected with hydatid cyst disease and subjected to the initial identification was performed based on Imaging techniques like (X- ray, Ultrasound, MRI), surgical interventions. as well as Indirect immunofluorescence antibody test (IFA test) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA test).This study noted that the results were as following , 91.25 %(73) of these cases were diagnosed firstly as hydatidosis by ELISA (IgG), 93.75 %(75) were positive by IFAT (total immunoglobulin) which considered as a confirmed hydatidosis cases and 85 %(68) were positive by using crude hydatid cyst fluid slide of E. granulosus by IFAT test.

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