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Study of Morphological and Genetic Characteristics of Probiotic Bacteria isolated from Local Fermented Milk

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Nada Aqeel Karam Al-Khafaji ,Hussein L. Algboory


This study included the isolation and identification of probiotic bacteria from fermented milk (labneh).The samples of fermented milk were collected from different shops .Six isolates were obtained through morphological microscopy and biochemical tests. Bacterial isolates were also identified using 16srRNA.The results demonstrated that the six isolates belonged to Lactobacillus helveticus PT001, Lb. helveticus bcpcaqj 10, Lb. helveticus SJ, Lb. acidophilus F, Lb. johnsonii MS1, Lb. jensenii H31. The biological properties of bacterial isolates were studied in terms of their resistance to pH and bile salts, and it was found that all isolates were resistant to pH (1.5%) and bile salts (1, 3%), and had the ability to adhere to ,it was resistant to some antibiotics, It has the inhibitory action of some pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella typhimurium and Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 8625.

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