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Study immunological parameters ADA activity and ferritin with Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy woman in Iraq

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Ashjan Mohammed Hussein ,Raghad.Hameed Rashid ,Bassam Qasim Mohammed ,Tareq Hafdhi Abdtawfeeq


Toxoplasmosis is a protozoan illness that affects both poor and industrialized nations. Human infection occurred by incidental ingestion of oocyst-contaminated food, water, or others Toxoplasma an opportunistic pathogen in which the reactivation of a latent infection can cause death in congenitally infected fetuses, newborns, and immunocompromised patients. this study was to assessthe seropositive rateof T. gondiiand and the possible association with its relation to high body ADA activity and ferritin in pregnancy patients womans and risk factors of toxoplasmosis infection In this study..

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