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Serum and Seminal Plasma concentrations of Inhibin B and FSH: A Case-Control Comparison Study between Fertile and Infertile Males

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Adnan A. H. Al-Bdairi , Hayder Abdul-Amir. M. Al-Hindy , Sallama Hamid Alkhudair , Hanan Khudhair Hussein Alkadhim


Background: Infertility is among the most severe medical difficulties universally. Most of the men infertilities are resulted from testicular failure that cause absent spermatocytes from ejaculate (Azoospermia). Sperms can be retrieved invasively from the testicles by TESA or TESE. Inhibin B and FSH are known to be indicators of spermiogenesis and Sertoli cell activity and have been proposed to replace evaluating semen quality in clinical studies. Objectives: To inspect the potential variations between the values of seminal plasma and serum inhibin B and compare their levels between fertile and infertile males and evaluate their predictability for positive TESE outcomes.

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