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Regional and International Impacts and Repercussion of (AUKUS) Alliance

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Zeyad Tariq Abdel Razzaq ,Mohammed Mezher Kaood


AUKUS alliance, which was formed between United States, United Kingdom, and Australia on September 15, 2021, is one of the latest and most important alliances for United States of America in Indopacific region, It is a product of U.S. National Security Strategy for 2021 edition issued under U.S. President (Joe Biden), therefore it is mainly complementary to U.S. National Security Strategy for 2017 version under former President (Donald Trump), which has defined a special section on Indopacific region, it said United States and China were fighting for power and China's actions sought to dislodge United States from Indopacific region, as the region is the geopolitical rival between United States and its like-minded allies and China.

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