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Randomized Block Parallel Controlled Trial for Effectiveness of Perampanel (Fyocampa) Compare to Clonazepam or Levetiracetam Treatment of Epilepsy in Children Less Than 36 Month of Age

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Baha Dia Moohyaldeen Alosy,Mossab Sarmed Adil


Thisstudy analyzed the effectiveness and safety of perampanel as a treatment for epilepsy in children aged < 36 months. A randomized block parallel controlled trial was conducted on 240 children with epilepsy, with 120 receiving perampanel, 60 receiving clonazepam, and 60 receiving levetiracetam. The results of this study showed the efficacy of perampanel in reducing the symptoms and signs of epilepsy, minimizing the need for hospitalization, and decreasing systemic and neurotoxic side effects and adverse reactions in comparison to clonazepam and levetiracetam. This study concluded that perampanel is an effective and safe drug for young children with epilepsy and should be considered a treatment option

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