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Random Serum Insulin level in prediction of diabetes mellitus type2

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Raheem Sabbar Jebar,Basil O Saleh,Muna Sabbar Jebar


ackground: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic physiological disease characterized by increase levels of blood glucose, and can leads to damage to the urinary system circulation system, eyes, nerves system. So that it causes serious problem to healthcare systems. Objective: This study was designed to assess the serum levels of fasting blood sugar (FBS), HbA1C, fasting insulin and random insulin in prediction of type 2 DM in apparently healthy subjects who have had family history of type 2 DM (FH+) of first degree and compare that with those who have no history (FH-). Subjects and Methods: This study was carried out at Biochemistry Department, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad and at Al-Kindy hospital, Baghdad, during the period from July 2022 to November 2022.

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