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Prostatic Specific Antigen and its Correlation with Prostatic Cancer in a Sample of Iraqi Population

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Muataz Mohammed Al-Taee ,Ola Kamal


This study is directed at prostatic specific antigen (PSA) and its correlation with different Iraqi patients both normal and afflicted with prostatic cancer where numerous patients in Baghdad were screened for this tumor marker and their data collected after testing, this study included (51) persons diagnosed with prostatic cancer, collected from Baghdad medical city, and (22) patients as control for screening , both in different age groups (50-59,60-69,70-79,80-89), results and correlations were calculated using IBM SPSS 20, through observing of the data collected and the comparison with normal standard levels, it is evident that an increase in PSA levels is strongly correlated with tumors of the prostate, also a correlation is apparent between the Gleason scores of prostate cancer patients and also their PSA levels.

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