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Potential Health Risks of Heavy Metal Contents in Bottled Water from Local Iraqi Market

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Hassan M. Salieh AL Fayadh,Mazin M. Ibrahim Al-Zubaidi,Moath A. Najem


The aim of this study is to evaluate the heavy metal (Pb, Zn, Fe,Co,Mn,Cd,Cr) content and potential health risks of some bottled water brands in the local Iraqi market in comparison with Iraqi and international standards. The results showed that the pH and TDS levels were 7.09–8.25 and 39.1–294.99 ppm, respectively. All samples were identical to the specifications, except for lead and chromium. The concentration of lead was 0.01, 0.015, 0.013, and 0.01 ppm in the samples 1, 3, 4, and 8, respectively, while the concentration of chromium (0.108 ppm) was in the imported sample 11, which did not conform to the Iraqi specifications, WHO, and IBWA.

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