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Polymorphism of Endothelin-1 Gene in Iraqi Infertile Females under In Vitro Fertilization Program

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Zainab Jalil Abdulkareem ,Asmaa M. Salih Almohaidi


Embryo implantation is an important step in establishing pregnancy and a major concern in the management of infertility. Failure at this step greatly limits the success of IVF treatments. Endothelin-1 is released by many different tissues, including uterine smooth muscle, and is able to regulate myometrial functions, EDN1-mediated cellular functions play a critical role in normal pregnancy. This comparative study was designed for Iraqi women who underwent the IVF program to understand the role of the EDN1 gene in embryo implanting. Blood samples were collected an hour after embryo transfer after approval from 60 females. The samples were divided into two groups according to the embryo implantation outcomes, the Implantation Failure group included 35 females, and the Implantation Success group included 25 females. PCR was performed by using a specific primer. The sequencing exposed polymorphisms in three positions rs1800543, rs5369, and a new locus No. 8566 A>C showed a significant difference in the heterozygous genotype AC between groups. The findings suggest that polymorphism No.8566 A>C associated with infertility and the AC genotype may be related with increase susceptibility to infertility in Iraqi females.

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