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Orthodontic correction of severe crowding ,increased overjet and deepbite in Angle’s Class I malocclusion: A case report

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Ayesha Naaz,Karuna Singh Sawhny , Sujit Panda,Bilal Ahmad Bhat


This case report describes the treatment of 15 years old female patient, who presented with severe crowding, bimaxillary protrusion, proclined maxillary and mandibular anteriors, with increased overjet, deepbite and Class I molar relationship. Orthodontic Treatment was started using fixed orthodontic appliance MBT followed by four premolar extractions (14,24,35,44) in both the arches. Molars were finished in a Class I relationship. Good intercuspation of upper and lower teeth were achieved after the treatment along with ideal overjet and overbite. case was successfully completed with proper overjet, overbite, patient attained beautiful smile with improved soft tissue profile.

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