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On the history of Caspar Bauhin’s discovery of the ileocecal valve

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Sergey A. Kutia , Natalia G. Nikolaeva , Gennady A. Moroz , Igor A. Verchenko


The ileocecal valve is also known as Bauhin’s valve, after the Swiss scientist Caspar Bauhin (1560–1624), who discovered it in 1579. This paper aims to reconstruct the chronology of Bauhin’s discovery of the ileocecal valve and its circumstances, using the following works by him: his appendices to his Latin translation of François Rousset’s L’hystérotomotokie ou enfantement césarien (1586), and Bauhin’s De corporis humani partibus externis (1588), De corporis humani fabrica: libri IIII (1590), Anatomica corporis virilis et muliebris historia (1597) and Theatrum anatomicum (1st ed. 1605; 2nd ed. 1621).

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