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On the biography of Fyodor Fyodorovich Talyzin

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Nikolay V. Chebyshev, Iza A. Berechikidze, Tatiana Yu. Degtyarevskaya, Anna V. Shumak


This article presents the biography of the outstanding biologist Fyodor F. Talyzin (1903–1980), one of the leading Russian parasitologists of the 20th century, a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, a talented teacher and a populariser of science. Among Professor Talyzin’s numerous achievements are his participation in the elimination of infectious outbreaks (plague, tick-borne rickettsiosis), the discovery of a new species of tapeworm in humans and the study of this type of parasite, the study of the effects of tapeworm on the human body in experiments with self-contamination, the development of a method for manufacturing anti-ophidic serum, participation in the creation of poliomyelitis vaccine production, and the creation of teaching aids for medical students

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