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Molecular profile of Streptococcus pneumoniae from Nasopharyngeal swabs of patients with pneumonia using RAPD and PCR detection of lytA, PsaA2, and HtrA virulence genes

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Jaafar Gh. Alomairi,Baidaa Rasoul Dakhil,Abdulaziz Salih Abdulaziz


The present work does underline the molecular profiling of ten Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical strains isolated from nasopharyngeal swabs of patients suffering from pneumonia by the aid of RAPD technique and molecular detection of three virulence genes namely lytA, PsaA2, and HtrA. Nasopharyngeal swabs taken from patients with pneumonia, consulted a pulmonologist at Nasiriya Hospital in Iraq, were streaked on blood agar plates. Ten clinical strains showed typical Streptococcus pneumoniae colonial morphology: Gram-positive diplococcic, small, grey, moist, and mucoid with typical green zone of α-hemolysis on blood agar plates.

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