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Molecular investigation of Beta lactamase gene shv in Klebisella pneumonia isolated from diabetic foot patients in Najaf province

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Hala Ridha Abbas Al-Fahham


The present study included 100 specimens collected of patients suffering for diabetic foot ulcer who attending to Alsader medical city, for both sexes 33-65 y. The results revealed that the frequency among males more than 74(74%) female 26 (26)%. The results revealed that 80 (80 ) % specimens gave up a positive culture and the other 20 (20)% were negative culture The results showed that G-ve bacteria revealed a high rate 69(69%) , 26(32.5%) K.pneumonia , 19 (23.75%) belonged to E.coli followed by p. aeruginosa 10 (12.5%) then proteus mirabillis 12 (15%) and proteus vulgaris 2(2.5%) , only 8 (10%) isolates belong to S

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