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Molecular assessment of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) of rs2910164G> Cgene that associated with Rheumatoid arthritis and Urinary Tract Infections

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Hussein Khalid Zwain ,Hawraa A.A. Al-Dahhan


Recent research has shown that the SNP of the rs2910164G>Cgene, as well as the most prevalent genotype and allele frequency, can be used to determine the co-morbidity of UTI with RA. Seventy-five people with RA and eighty people with urinary tract infections (UTIs) were included in this case-control research. Genotyping of the rs2910164GC gene polymorphisms by allele specific polymerase chain reaction was performed. In RA patients the Genotypes (GC, CC) of rs2910164G>C gene polymorphism displayed a significant association (P≤0.05) in comparison with the control group and allele C rs2910164G>Cgene had a high ratio in RA (54.9 %) in comparison with the control group (45.1%).

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