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Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Pyromellitdiimide Bis Schiff Bases and Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial Activity

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Tabarek Mohammed Yassen,AhlamMarouf Al-Azzawi


The present work involved synthesis a series of new pyromellitdiimide bearing two Schiff base components through performing several steps. Compound (1) was synthesized in first step, N, N`-bis[(4-acetophenyl)pyromellitamic acid] through reaction two moles of 4-amino acetophenone with pyromellitic anhydride in acetone solvent with stirring for two hours. Compound (1) was dehydrated in the second step by fusion process in sand bath for two hours affording compound (2), N, N-bis[(4-acetophenyl)pyromellitdiimide].

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