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Microscopic and molecular study of Sarcoptes scabies in Iraq

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Amer Ali Saleh,Muntaha M Al-Alouci,Abdulla S. Al Hassan


Background: Scabies is a widespread dermatological disorder that is commonly linked with pyoderma, particularly in warm climates and is the most prevalent dermatological infection in the world. This study aimed to detect scabies by microscopical and molecular methods to confirm that they may be caused by animal mites other than humans. Methods: This study was performed in order to identify scabies of humans by the microscopical examination and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in the governorate of Al-Anbar in Iraq. In accordance with this purpose, 170 skin scrapings were collected from suspected patients, who attended Al-Ramadi Teaching Hospital in Iraq during the period of 1st December of 2021 to 1st April of 2022.

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