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Management of Discipline Coaching for Junior High School Students (Qualitative Study on Smp Negeri 1 Baleendah, Smp Negeri 2 Ciparay and Smp Negeri 4 Rancaekek in Bandung Regency)

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E. Sopandi , Iim Wasliman , Hendi , Supyan Sauri


Juvenile delinquency in junior high school age children, one of which can be caused by the lack of student discipline development. Discipline is a character value that must be developed in schools in order to foster student character with various juvenile delinquencies that still occur. The purpose of the research is to obtain an overview of the management of student discipline development which is studied based on planning, organizing, implementing, supervising, supporting and inhibiting factors as well as, efforts to overcome obstacles.

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