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Management of Laboratory Empowerment and Development in Improving the Quality of High School Physics Learning System in Karawang Regency

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Ratih Komala Ade Tutty R Rossa M. Andriana Gaffar Agus Mulyanto


This research is motivated by the phenomenon that the quality of Physics learning system in schools is still low. Physics learning has not taken place as a combination of critical thinking processes that produce reliable and valid information and laboratories in schools that have not been optimally empowered and developed. The purpose of this research is generally to describe and analyze as well as find solutions regarding empowerment management and laboratory development to improve the quality of the learning system. Specifically to describe and analyze the management of empowerment and development of laboratories to improve the quality of the Physics learning system in high schools which includes: (1) Planning, (2) Implementation, (3) Evaluation, (4) Follow-up, (5) Obstacles and (6) Solutions

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