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Inferior base Nasolabial Flap in Oral submucous Fibrosis: case report

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Ankur Rathaur, Prasanna Kumar P, Ankita Raj,Aathira Madhu, Akash Tiwari,Tuba Jamal


Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a chronic, insidious, progressive oral mucosal disease affecting the oral cavity, pharynx, and upper digestive tract, causing stiffness of the oral mucosa, restricted mouth opening, and impaired ability to eat, speak or care for oral hygiene. Serious complication is the risk of development of oral carcinoma. Different treatment modalities like medical, surgical, physical therapy or combination are used to improve the condition of the patient. Surgical treatment is usually indicated in late and irreversible stage of the disease. Successful use of nasolabial flap in the management of OSMF is presented.

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