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Industry-Based Learning Management in Increasing the Competence of Vocational High School (SMK) Graduates. (Case Study of The Jayakarta Suites Hotel Bandung Collaboration with YPPS Sumedang Vocational School and Putra Gununghalu Vocational School West Ban

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Oyib Ferdiansyah , Iim Wasliman , Waska Warta , Deti Rostini


This research is motivated by the lack of competence of vocational high school (SMK) graduates to meet the needs of the industrial world. The emergence of a gap in the number of graduates with employment levels is a negative stigma for SMK graduates as the largest contributor to unemployment. The general objective of the research is to provide an overview and examine industry-based learning management in increasing competency SMK graduates, the specific objectives are to examine: planning, organizing, implementing, supervising, problems and solutions to industry-based learning problems in improving the competency of SMK graduates

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