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Immunological and Bacteriological Study of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Israa Zuhier Hamad ,Fatima Rammadan Abdul ,Hanan Tariq Subhi


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an intricate neurodevelopmental disorder generally demonstrated in the first few years of life and treatment to persist into adolescence and adulthood. In this study was (50) total number of ASD patients. While 30 as controls from Baghdad. All isolates were obtained from the stool of patients and number of isolates Escherichia coli was (n = 4, 25%). While the results showed serum levels of interlukin-1β and IL-17a in Autistic patients by using ELISA technique, the mean level of IL-1β and IL-17a were higher in patient group (2275.89 ± 77.38pg/ml) , (1457.72 ± 35.66pg//ml) , than control group (429.33 ± 35.84pg/ml) , (963.64 ± 8.91pg/ml) respectively, this variance was significant ((P <0.001))

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