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History of surgery: the evolution of views on the formation of intestinal stoma

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Tatiana N. Garmanova , Ekaterina A. Kazachenko , Nikolay N. Krylov


The history of intestinal stoma surgery spans more than one century. Awareness of the possible benefits of creating an intestinal stoma came to the medical community long before the practical possibilities of its safe formation. At the same time, the evolution of the attitude towards the intestinal stoma has passed the stages of understanding the possibility of creating an artificial anus, understanding the need and expediency of such an intervention through the search for optimal techniques and the type of the stoma itself. Its connotation as the final stage of treatment of various coloproctological diseases has been formed amid the emergence of modern asepsis and antiseptics. And as a result of improving the operational technique of the main stage of the operation, the colo-(ileo-)stoma became only a temporary companion of a significant part of patients. The improvement of care methods has led to a significant improvement in the quality of life, even in life-long stoma patients

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