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Hepcidin, Iron Regulatory Hormone: Association with Patients with Heart Failure and Anemia

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Saba Fathi Abd Al-razaq,Sami R. Alkatib,Karim O. Al Naffi


Background: hepcidin (HCN) is a key regulatory protein of iron homeostasis. Heart failure (HF) get increased incidence, and the prevalence rate reaches about 1.5% of the US population. Chronic HF and iron deficiency are the commonest disorders universally. Current evidence has confirmed that they are related. This present study targeted to evaluate the association of HCN with heart failure patients and anemia Methodology: This study is a case-control, involving 80 patients with HF and 80 healthy subjects. All subjects underwent echocardiography (LVEF %), biochemical and hematological assays including ferritin, HCN, and iron status parameters (serum iron, TIBC, TSAT%, MCV, MCHC, HCT, and Hb). All variables were matched between the two study groups.

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