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Glutathione S-transferase Theta (GSTT1) and Mu (GSTM1) Genes Polymorphisms in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease in Thi Qar Province

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Hayder Hussein Jalood ,Ali Jumaah Alhussona


Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the common type of heart diseases. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between the GSTTI, GSTM1 null genotype and coronary heart diseases disease using multiplex PCR. The mean age of CHD was 40.72±13.44years and 38.10±13.55years for patients and control group, respectively. 70% of the patients were less than 50 years old and the rest were over 50 years old, with no significant difference between study groups according to their ages (P=0.85). The current study did not find significant differences between two study groups depending on their gender (P=0.90). Out of 30 cases, 17 (56.57 %) were males while 13 (43.33 %) were females. 66.67 % of patients group were smoker, while 33.33 % were non-smoker with significant difference between patients and control according to smoking (P=0.02). The GSTT1 (-) genotype showed no significant deference with CHD susceptibility (OR=1.31; 95%, CI=0.41-4.13). The current study showed that the majority of patients (60%) have null GSTM1 genotype (OR=2.78; 95%, CI=0.86-9.00). The analysis of GSTT1 (-) /GSTM1 (-) null genotypes were found that the susceptibility of coronary heart disease increases by 1.66 in null\null genotype (OR=1.66; 95%, CI=0.27-5.70).

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