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Evaluation the Gene Expression of P27 and SKP2 Genes in Iraqi Women Patients with Breast Cancer

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Israa Allawi Luaibi Al-Hraishawi ,Ziad M. Alkhozai ,Hadeel Jabar Neama Almuoswi


The current experiment have been conducted to evaluate the suppression activity of P27 and SKP2 genes by using qRT- PCR, Blood samples are taken from 60 patients women with breast cancer to represent patients group and 40 women’s without breast cancer to represent control group, the ages of both groups ranged from 30 to more than 50 years in the Al.Diwaniyah General Teaching Hospital in AL-Qadisiyah province. Also ROC curve analysis is used to demonstrate the accuracy and validity of previous parameters in detecting women with breast cancer and to estimate the sensitivity and specificity.

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