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Evaluation of efficiency of three NiTi instruments in removing gutta flow 2 from root canal during retreatment –An in vitro study

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Prateek singh , Mukta Bansal , Asheesh Sawhny, Anu singh ,Richa Singh, Pankaj Priyadarshi


Background: To evaluate the efficiency of three rotary nickel titanium instruments and hand instrumentation in removing gutta flow 2 from root canals. Materials and Method: 60 extracted human maxillary central and lateral incisors were prepared with K -files and filled with guttaflow2.The teeth were randomly divided into four experimental groups consisting of 15 specimens each. Removal of gutta flow 2 was performed with the helpof following devices and techniques: ProtaperUniversal rotary retreatment system, R-Endo retreatment files, M two retreatment files and Hedstrom files.

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