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Evaluation Of Apolipoprotein B In Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Patients

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Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Assi ,Abdullah Haider Abdulkadem


According to statistics about 415 million people in the world suffer from this dangerous disease, Type 2 DM accounts for over 90% of DM cases. So, we evaluated some parameters that may affect T2DM. The aim of the present study is to find the relation of Apo B, with the T2DM condition and to evaluate how apo B change affects the T2DM. In case-control study the 180 serum and whole blood sample which collected from non-diabetic (n = 60) and T2DM (n = 120) persons were estimated for Apo B by the use of ELISA technique and the lipid profile was estimated by using mindray BS-430 and HbA1c by GH-900 Plus device. Whole blood was collected via vein puncture. We were collecting 180 sample of whole blood and serum from the diabetes center which divided into two groups 60 non diabetic and 120 diabetic persons. In present study showed significantly (P<0.001) increase in T2DM group compare to non-diabetic group in serum Apo B and HbA1c, FBS, TG, Cholesterol, LDL. This study was showed a significant (P <0.05) positive correlation between Apo B, HbA1c and lipid profile. From this study can be concluded that Apo B and lipid profile changes affect insulin resistance and as a result T2DM. And can be concluded that Apo B can be regarded as a marker of T2DM.

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