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Epidemiological Features of Maternal Mortality in Five Years Registered in Babylon Maternity and Pediatric Hospital: Retrospective Study

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Kareem Hameed Rasheed ,Mustafa Sami Mohammed ,Mohammed FahemIdan ,Abdhullah AlwanSakhil ,Sagad Nazim Hamza ,Haider Jawad Haider


The increase in maternal mortality in some regions of the world reflects the disparities in access to health services. The study aims at: determine the maternal mortality rate during S/C in 5 years ago. A descriptive analytical design was conducted in Hilla city deals with medical records concerning death during cesarean section. By those records the data were collected and analyzed through descriptive statistical data analysis approach used to describe the study variables: Frequencies and Percentages. The results of the study show seven cases of death as the highest percentage recorded in 2020out total number of deaths by caesarean section, in addition to that the maternal death rate is declining to increasing depending on the passage time. The study concluded that the mortality rate was low followed by a very high mortality rate depending on the number of people entering the operation and the availability of health services. It is need to be conducted to involve a national level to assess the associated factors with maternal mortality during Cesarean Section. As well as surveys should be conducted with a large quantity of a representative sample hospital to verify the results of our study

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