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Dothideoxanthone, Immunosuppressive and Antioxidant Agents from Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus Costaricensis

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Maha H. Tawfeeq ,Areej H. S. Aldhaher ,Awatif H. Issa ,Inaam M.N. Alrubayae


The aim of the study was to identify endophytic fungi from different plant sources and which one produced a high level of xanthone compound and investigate that purified xanthone’s immunosuppressant and antioxidant scavenger activity. 25 endophytic fungi were isolated from stems and leaves of healthy and mature plants of Ficus carica, Capsicum frutescens, and Chenopodium mural which were collected from Al-Qurna groves, Al-Zubair farm, and Safwan desert in Basrah province of Iraq respectively during December 2019 to February 2020

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