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Design of a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Drive Using an Arduino-Based Stepper Multimotor

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Iksal Jajang Mulyana Tasya Claudia Hartono Muhammad Fadzlan Alfath Nur Assajjad


Lower-limb exoskeleton is a walking aid and therapy for the lower part of the human body which is made for stroke or paralyzed sufferers. This tool is attached to the user's waist and can help the movement of the user's thighs, which in general, this tool is used for rehabilitation and assisting human work activities. Movement of the lower-limb exoskeleton consists of at least two degrees of freedom (DOF) or degrees of freedom motion, even in full it can be 6 to 12 DOF. In addition, the exoskeleton is used for therapy and is equipped with controls that really help the user to make movements, and the results can improve motor function

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