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Copper effect on the structural and optical properties affecting the gas sensitivity of titanium oxide nanofilms

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Mohammad Adil Razooqi ,Zuhair N. Majeed


Thin films of pure titanium oxide (TiO2) with several copper ratios were deposited on glass substrates using an optical laser system (PLD) for pure and doping samples (TiO2 Pure, 1% Cu, 2% Cu, 3% Cu) and energy (600mj). The results of sample tests of X-ray diffraction of models have shown the appearance of four peeks of titanium oxide (200), (211), (101), (110) for angles (27.50, 36.04, 54.23, 56.78) the crystalline structure of titanium oxide films is (Tetragonal) There is a gradual decrease in the intensity of the titanium oxide peaks when the doping ratio increases, so we notice an increase in the intensity peaks of the doping material. Copper appeared in three peaks which are (111,200,220) and for the angles (43.31,50.44,74.12) and the crystalline structure of copper (Cubic). As for the optical tests, the results showed that the value of the absorption coefficient increases when the value of the optical energy gap decreases with the increase in the ratio of copper. The sensitivity properties were measured using (NO2) gas with increasing operating temperature.

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