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Some positions of Galen’s naturo-philosophical and ethical methods in the context of his medical system

A.P. Shcheglov

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, The Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

In this article we analyze the naturo-philosophical method of Galen, which established uniformity between the ideal and realistic. Galen’s method is being reviewed from the position of correlation between ideal and natural principles, in their inherent equal consistency. Such philosophical approach allows Galen to not only determine and research the most general of regularities, but to also implement them into practice, including in medicine. We will also look at the ethical method of Galen, who claims that only by ridding oneself of all passions and imperfections, can the thinker begin to comprehend the highest of truths, and a physician to treat a patient.

Keywords: Galen, physiophilosophy, identity, ideal, physical, regularity, ethics, medicine history


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