Academic Biography
Tomsk State University.

Degrees and titles
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor.
1999 – defended a dissertation titled “The teaching body of Imperial Tomsk University: 1888-February, 1917”. (Supervisor –Professor S.F. Fomin).
2009 – defended doctoral dissertation titled “Tomsk State University – the first scientific center in the Asian part of Russia (mid-1870s–1919)”.

Academic Career
From 1999 – senior lecturer, from 2003 – associate professor, from 2010 – professor of the Department of Modern Russian History.
From 2011 – head of the educational and scientific laboratory “Siberia: historical tradition and modernity”.
From 2000 to the present day – scientific secretary of the dissertation council D 212.267.18 (specialties: 07.00.07, 07.00.10, 24.00.03).

Participation in research and scientific projects supported by grants:

Member of the presidential program “Leading scientific schools of Russia. Historical knowledge and historical consciousness”. Project № 96-15-98585, carried out from 1996 to 1999.
Grant from the Open Society Institute – Soros Foundation. Program in support of departments. The “Development of education in Russia (HBA 014)” project, carried out from 2000 to 2003.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 1998-2000. Encyclopedia of the Tomsk Region. Project № 98-01-24013.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2000-2002. “Professors of Tomsk State University: social history of national science and higher education in the biographies of scientists”. Project № 00-03-00239.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2003-2004. “Textual processing and preparation for publication of letters to the leaders of Tomsk’s scientific community”, Project № 03-01-00724a/T.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2003-2005. “The first Siberian university and society (from19th to early 20th century)”. Project № 03-00585a.
MION 2004-2005 – “Classical university and the development of innovative processes in education, science and society: past and the present (regional aspects)”. K017-2-01 / 2003.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2006-2007. “Tomsk scientific and educational complex, and its contribution to the development of education, science and culture in Siberia: past and the present (the end of 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century)”. 06-03-64302a/T.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2008-2009. Tomsk scientific community and the study of the productive power in Siberia (from1880s to 1930s). 08-03-64301a/T.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant, 2010-2011. Museums of Tomsk State University and their contribution to the study of Siberia and adjacent territories and the popularization of scientific knowledge (from1870 to 1941). №10-03-67304a/T.
Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation Grant. 2011-2012. Siberian Research Institute (1919-1920) and its role in the study of the region. Number 12-11-70003a/T.

Honors, Awards and Prizes
Winner of the Tomsk region prize in the field of education and science in the category of “Full-time students of universities”.
Winner of the Tomsk region prize in the field of education and science in the category of “Scientific and pedagogical collective”.
Winner of the Tomsk region prize in the field of education and science in the category of Young scientists, professors, doctoral students and post-graduate students prize.
Personal YUKOS Oil Company scholarship for high achievements in research and teaching.
Laureate of the State Duma of the Tomsk region for young scientists.
Tomsk Region Administration Certificate of Commendation.
Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund teacher grant (2006/2007 academic year).
Young teacher grant for Oxford Russia Fund degree holders.
Certificate of Merit from the All-Russian competition for the best publication on patriotic themes in the framework of the State program “Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation in 2004-2010” for the documentary publication “To victory with faith!”.
Winner of the regional stage of the “Professional team of the nation” competition in the nomination for “Training process organizer (implementation of innovative technologies)”.
Minister of Education and Science acknowledgment for participation in the preparation of the seven-volume edition “Professors of Tomsk State University”.

Research Interests
20th-century history of Siberia, history of higher education and science in Siberia and Russia.

Professional Organizations
Member of the editorial boards of the Higher Attestation Commission-listed Siberian Medical Magazine and Siberian Journal of Oncology.
Member of the scientific council at the Archives Department of the Tomsk region, a member of the board of the Museum of the History of Tomsk State University, deputy chairman of the history board of the Siberian Medical Magazine, a member of the editorial board of the Scientific Heritage series of the D.D. Yablokov Interregional Siberian Medical Foundation.
From 2011 – chairman of the conflict commission for history for the State Examination Commission’s Unified State Exam in the Tomsk region.
From 2009 – chairman of the jury of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of School Students on the subject of history. Executive secretary of the editorial board of the Professors of Tomsk University publication.

Scientific Publications
The author of 120 scientific publications, including eight monographs and two textbooks.

Nekrylov S.A. Agafonik Pavlovich Azbukin – vydayushchiysya predstavitel’ otechestvennoy anatomii (k 125-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya) [S. A. Nekrylov, Agafonik Pavlovich Azbukin – an outstanding exponent of Russian anatomy (on the 125th anniversary of his birth)]. Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2008. V. 23, № 2. [in Russian]
Krasil’nikov Yu.I., Nekrylov S.A., Fominykh S.F. Aleksandr Georgievich Fetisov – vidnyy sovetskiy otorinolaringolog (Alexander Georgievich Fetisov – a prominent Soviet otorhinolaryngologist). Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2011. V. 26, № 4-1. [in Russian]
Kuz’min A.N., Nekrylov S.A., Fominykh S.F. Amre Aytbakin – vospitannik Imperatorskogo Tomskogo universiteta,pervyy diplomirovannyy kazakhskiy vrach (Amre Aytbakin – Imperial Tomsk University pupil, the first certified Kazakh doctor). Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2011. V. 26, № 1-1. [in Russian]
Ivchenko O.A., Nekrylov S.A., Fominykh S.F. B.A. Al’bitskiy – vydayushchiysya sibirskiy khirurg (k 100-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya) [B. A. Albitsky – an outstanding Siberian surgeon (on the 100th anniversary of his birth)]. Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2010. V. 25, № 3-1. [in Russian]
Logvinov S.V., Nekrylov S.A., Fominykh S.F. V gornile repressiy: zhizn’ i sud’ba professora Sergeya Vladimirovicha Myasoedova (1889-1937) [In the crucible of repression: Life and fate of Professor Sergei Vladimirovich Myasoedov (1889-1937)]. Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2012. V. 27, № 4. [in Russian]
Nekrylov S.A., Choynzonov E.L. Vklad akademika Nikolaya Nikolaevicha Blokhina v organizatsiyu i razvitie Tomskogo nauchnogo tsentra Sibirskogo otdeleniya RAMN (Academic Nikolai Nikolaevich Blokhin’s contribution to the organization and development of the Tomsk Scientific Center of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences). Sibirskiy onkologicheskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2012. № 2. [in Russian]
Nekrylov S.A., Ronzhin S.G. Vladimir Nikolaevich Derevenko – chesti ne uronivshiy (Vladimir Derevenko – Honor has not been lost. Bulletin of Siberian Medicine). Byulleten’ sibirskoy meditsiny, 2010. V. 9, № 3. [in Russian]
Nekrylov S.A., Semevskiy-Leporskiy R.B. Vydayushchiysya otechestvennyy terapevt, akademik AMN SSSR N.I. Leporskiy: shtrikhi biografii uchenogo (Outstanding Russian therapist, academic of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences N. I. Leporsky: Moments from the scientist’s biography). Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2012. V. 27, № 1. [in Russian]
Alyab’ev F.V, Nekrylov S.A. Elizaveta Ansovna Yakovleva (1892-1955) – vidnyy deyatel’ sovetskoy sudebnoy meditsiny (Elizaveta Ansovna Yakovleva (1892-1955) – a prominent figure in Soviet forensic medicine). Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2011. V. 26, № 1-2. [in Russian]
Nekrylov S.A. Iz istorii chelyustno-litsevoy khirurgii v Sibiri: k biografii professora S.A. Smirnova (From the history of maxillofacial surgery in Siberia: The biography of Professor S. A. Smirnov). Sibirskiy meditsinskiy zhurnal. Tomsk, 2010. V. 25, № 3-2. [in Russian]
Nekrylov S.A., Lukov E.V. Sotsial’no-ekonomicheskoe razvitie Sibiri v poslevoennyy period: uchebnoe posobie (Socio-economic development of Siberia in the postwar period: a textbook). Tomsk: Izd-vo Tom. un-ta, 2012. 72 p. [in Russian]

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