Academic Biography

1971-77 – Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute;
1979-81 – Clinical residency at the General Surgery Department of ASMU;
1990-93 – Doctorate at the RAMS A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery.

Degrees and Titles
1987 – Candidate of Medical Sciences (Treatment of Purulent Wounds of Immobilized Patients with Textile Cellulose Matrix with Trypsin: candidate dissertation – Yaroslavl, 1987);
1993 – Doctor of Medical Sciences (Development of Modern Enzyme-Containing Dressing Materials and Improvement of Methods for Their Use in Treatment of Purulent Wounds; doctoral dissertation – Moscow, 1993);
2009 – Professor of surgery.

Practical Career
1977-79 – Ministry of Health of the RSFSR N.A. Semashko Northern Central Clinical Hospital (Arkhangelsk).
1978-88 – Northern Shipping (Arkhangelsk), doctor aboard vessels going abroad.

Pedagogical Career
1981-89 – ASMU, General Surgery Faculty, assistant.

Academic Career
1989-90, 1994-97 – The RAMS A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery (Moscow), wound dressing, suturing, and polymeric surgical materials division, senior researcher, group leader of experimental surgery;
1997-2003 – RAMS Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, head researcher, group leader for the history of cardiovascular surgery;
since 2003 – The RAMS SCCS division of the history of cardiovascular surgery, head; Museum of Cardiovascular Surgery of SCCS RAMS, curator (volunteer).
2000-06 – The RAMS Scientific and Production Association “Medical Encyclopedia”, laboratory “Medicine of the 20th Century” (Moscow); senior and head researcher;
2007-12 – The RAMS Research Institute for the History of Medicine (Moscow); Medicine of the 20th Century Laboratory, head researcher;
2012-13 – The RAMS Research Institute Medical Museology Division, head;
From 2013 – N.A. Semashko FANO Research Institute for Public Health; division of medical museology and historical factography, head;
From 2008 – SCCS SSMU (Arkhangelsk); senior researcher, consultant to rector on history of medicine and the creation of a museum complex at the institution.

Scientific Achievements

  • Ttook part in the development, medical and biological experimentation, and clinical testing of textile dressings with immobilized proteolytic enzymes (dalcextseks-trypsin) (1984-1987);
  • Ttook part in the development, medical and biological experimentation, and clinical testing of dressings with immobilized proteolytic enzymes; first developed, studied, and implemented in treatment of purulent wounds the medical sorbent with collagenolytic complex “Kollavin” (1989-1993);
  • Author of “Wounds. Bandages. Patients” (2002) – the first fundamental guide for physicians in Russia, which deals with current and future problems involving the treatment of wounds with bandages;
  • Author of the first monographs in Russia about the history of coronary surgery (2002) and the history of the study of congenital heart disease (2011), in which past and present techniques of surgical treatment of coronary artery disease and congenital heart disease are described.
  • Founder of the only museum of cardiovascular surgery in the world, featuring a collection with artefacts from the main stages in the evolution of Russian and world cardiovascular surgery (2003);
  • Founded and developed a new field in the history of rRussian Medicine – the history of cardiovascular surgery (1997-2015).

Honorary Titles, Awards and Prizes
2002, 2003, 2008, 2012 – Award for “Best Printed Work from the RAMS Bakulev SCCS”;
2004 – A.N. Bakulev diploma, medal and prize for “organizing the first cardiovascular museum in Russia and for personal contributions to the study of the history of medicine”;
2004 – Honor and Service Medal from the Philanthropists of the Century Foundation;
2008 – Academician B.V. Petrovsky Diploma and Medal for “service and extraordinary personal contribution to the development and improvement of national medicine”;
2008 – The RAMS Academician V.I. Burakovsky Diploma and Medal for “service in the development of cardiovascular surgery”;
2011 – Artiads Peoples of Russia Diploma for “research – articles and books about the history of medicine, written in the past few years”;
2011 – Professor M.B. Mirsky Diploma and Medals for “contributions to the study of the history of medicine in Russia”;
2011 – Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan Certificate of Honor for “scientific publications related to the history of medicine and for providing consultation and scientific knowledge to science and learning centers”;
2011 – Certificate of honor from the Kirov Region Legislative Assembly for “preserving and promoting the history of medicine and the experiments of A.N. Bakulev, the great Soviet surgeon, founder of cardiovascular surgery in Kirov Region and the Russian Federation”;
2012 – M.V. Lomonosov diploma, medal, and prize for “promoting science with the museum complex of the NSMU science education and cultural enlightenement center”;
2012 – Commemorative medal and diploma from Transplantologists Society interregional organization for “a cycle of articles on the history of medicine, promoting the contribution of V.P. Demikhov to the development of transplantology”;
2012 – “To the Glory of the Fatherland” Medal from the Society of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Russia for “contribution to the study of the history of patronage and charity in Russia”;
2013 – Commemorative medal from the N.I. Pirogov Surgical Society for “contributions to the development of surgery”;
2013 – Academician of Ukraine N.M. Amosov Diploma and Medal for “special achievement in scientific research and education, the creation of a scientific school, and the development and implementation of new techniques in medicine”;
2014 – Professor G.A. Orlov Diploma and Medal for “extraordinary contribution to the promotion of the scientific heritage and legacy of professor G.A. Orlov”;
2014 – Ministry of Health of the RF Certificate of Honor for “extraordinary contribution to the development of medical museums in Russia”;
2015 – Transplantologists Society Diploma for “a cycle of publications on the life and career of V.P. Demikhov in the journal Transplantology”.

Academic Interests
General, purulent, and reconstructive surgery; treatment of wounds with bandages; history of medicine and surgery; history of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery; medical museology and medical encyclopedistics.

Professional Organizations
Russian Society of Surgeons, chairman of the History of Surgery section;
Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons;
Russian Society of Historians of Medicine; deputy chairman and presidium member;
Bakulev SCCS Academic Council
Dissertation Council D.208.004.02 at SGMU (Arkhangelsk);
Council of Experts for the Board of Editors of the “New Russian Encyclopedia”;
Council for the Development of Medical History Museums of the Ministry of Health of Russia;
Council of Experts for the creation of the Museum of the History of Medicine of Russia at FANO;
Board of Editors of the journal “History of Medicine”.

Scientific Publications
The author of over 1100 academic and popular works, including:

Orlov. Slovo ob uchitele (Orlov. A Word on the Teacher). Arkhangelsk, 2000 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Rana. Povyazka. Bol’noy (Wounds. Bandages. Patients). Moscow, 2002 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Ocherki istorii koronarnoy khirurgii (Essays on the History of Coronary Surgery). Moscow, 2002 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Lena Nikolaevna Sidarenko. Zhenskiy vzglyad na muzhskuyu professiyu (Lena Nikolaevna Sidarenko. A Woman’s Take on a Male Profession). Moscow, 2007 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Pochetnyy doktor VMA Mikhail Il’ich Kuzin (Distinguished Doctor of the MMA Mikhail Ilyich Kuzin). St. Petersburg, 2008 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Sergey Kolesnikov. Sud’ba khirurga (Sergei Kolesnikov. The Surgeon’s Fate). Moscow, 2008. [in Russian]
Istoriya serdechno-sosudistoy khirurgii v zapadnoy Sibiri (History of Cardiovascular Surgery in Western Siberia). Omsk, 2008 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Lev Smol’nikov. Zhizn’, otdannaya khirurgii (Lev Smolnikov. A Life Devoted to Surgery). Arkhangelsk, 2009 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Orlov. Slovo ob uchitele. Izd. 2-e (Orlov. A Word on the Teacher. Second Edition). Arkhangelstk, 2010 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Istoriya ucheniya o vrozhdennykh porokakh serdtsa (History of the Study of Congenital Heart Disease). Moscow, 2011 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Delo ee zhizni (k 85-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya professora T.N. Ivanovoy. [A Life’s Work (85th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor T.N. Ivanova)]. Arkhangelsk, 2011 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Otechestvennye mekhanicheskie protezy klapanov serdtsa. (Russian Mechanical Prosthetic Heart Valves). St. Petersburg, 2011 (coauthor). [in Russian]
«Flot ballasta ne terpit…» Starshiy michman P.P. Glyantsev: zhizn’, otdannaya flotu» (“The Navy Does Not Tolerate Ballast… Senior Midshipman P.P. Glantsev: A Life Devoted to the Navy”). Moscow, 2012. [in Russian]
Svyatitel’ Luka v Severnom Krae (1931 – 1934 gg.) [St. Luke in the Northern Territory (1931-1934)]. Arkhangelsk, 2012 (coauthor). [in Russian]
Skorbnyy put’ generala Bagrationa (The Sorrowful Path of General Bagration). Moscow, 2013. [in Russian]
Trudnyy put’ k serdtsu (The Difficult Path to the Heart). Tver, 2014 (coauthor). [in Russian]

Recent Journal Publications

1. Bokeriya L.A., Glyantsev S.P. Professor Kolesov: parad prioritetov (k 50-letiyu pervoy v mire operatsii mammaro-koronarnogo anastomoza i k 100-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya ee avtora – V.I. Kolesova) [Professor Kolesov: “Parade of Priorities (50 Year Anniversary of the World’s First Mammary Coronary Anastomosis and 100 Year Anniversary of the Birth of Its Creator, V.I. Kolesov)”]. Annaly khirurgii. 2014; 3: 53–62. [in Russian]
2. Borodulin V.I., Glyantsev S.P., Topolyanskiy A.V. Etapy stanovleniya i dal’neyshego razvitiya otechestvennoy kardiologii. Chast’ 1 (Stages in the Foundation and Development of Russian Cardiology. Part I). Istoriya meditsiny. 2014; 3: 40–47. [in Russian]
3. Glyantsev S.P. Organizatsiya khirurgicheskoy pomoshchi v Russkoy armii v Otechestvennuyu voynu 1812 g. (Organization of Surgical Treatment in the Russian Army in the War of 1812). Problemy sotsial’noy gigieny, zdravookhraneniya i istorii meditsiny (Problems in Social Hygiene, Healthcare, and the History of Medicine). 2012; 5: 53–57. [in Russian]
4. Glyantsev S.P. Nuzhna li khirurgu istoriya ego spetsial’nosti? (Does Surgery Need a History of the Specialty). Khirurgiya. Zhurnal im. N.I. Pirogova. 2013; 11: 78–82. [in Russian]
5. Glyantsev S.P. Khirurgiya v XVII veke. Vrachi i tsiryul’niki (Surgery in the 17th Century. Doctors and Barbers). Al’manakh istorii meditsiny. M., 2014. P. 92–109. [in Russian]
6. Glyantsev S.P., Andreeva A.V. Velikiy syn Ukrainy i Rossii N.M. Amosov (1913–2002) [N.M Amosov: Great Son of Ukraine and Russia (1913-2002)]. Sertse i sudini (Ukraina). 2013; 4: 7–12. [in Russian]
7. Glyantsev S.P., Kubyshkin V.A. Akademik AMN SSSR A.V. Vishnevskiy (1874–1948) i ego vklad v rossiyskuyu khirurgiyu (K 110-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya) [Academician of the Soviet Academy of Medical Sciences A.V. Vishnevsky (1874-1948) and His Contribution to Russian Surgery (110 Year Anniversary of His Birth)]. Khirurgiya. Zhurnal im. N.I. Pirogova. 2014; 12: 98–101. [in Russian]
8. Glyantsev S.P., Magomedova S.N. Uchenie o pul’se Avitsenny: vzglyad iz nastoyashchego (Avicenna’s Theory of the Pulse: A View From the Present). Annaly aritmologii. 2012; 4: 45–50. [in Russian]
9. Pokrovskiy A.V., Glyantsev S.P. Izbrannye stranitsy istorii sosudistoy khirurgii Rossii (Selected Pages From the History of Vascular Surgery in Russia). Angiologiya i sosudistaya khirurgiya. 2014; 20(2): 10–20. [in Russian]
10. Bockeria L., Glyantsev S., Kolesnikov J. Russian War Surgery in 1812: 200 years since Russia’s war triumph (Original Research Article). International Journal of Surgery. 2012; 10 (10): 624–628.

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