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Physiological and pathophysiological aspects in Herophilos writings

L.D. Maltseva

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The results of studies of the physiological and pathophysiological aspects of the scientific practice of physician Herophilus of Alexandria are presented. The prerequisites for the formation of Herophilus’ worldview are identified, as are his research activities. Herophilus’ work is examined from the standpoint of the empirical path to knowledge, from the standpoint of Hippocratic tradition and the applied meaning of science in medical practice. This approach allows us to assess the activities Herophilus as a physician-researcher who contributed to the foundation of clinical pathology and pathophysiology.

Keywords: Herophilus, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical pathophysiology, pathology, the Alexandrian School, natural philosophy

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Published in №1, 2014


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