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On the history of national medicine: Vasily Parmenovich Obraztsova (1851–1920)

DOI: 10.17720/2409-5834.v5.1.2018.02b

Vladimir I. Borodulin1
Konstantin K. Vasylyev2
Mikhail V. Poddubniy1
Aleksey V. Topolyanskiy3
1FSSBI “N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health”
12 Vorontsovo Pole St., building 1, Moscow 105064, Russia
2Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine
2 Valikhovsky Lane, Odessa 65082, Ukraine
3 FSBEI HE A.I. Evdokimov MSMSU MOH Russia
20 Delegatskaya St., building 1, Moscow 127473, Russia

In this article, the authors study the main points of life of V.P. Obraztsov – a general practitioner from Kiev, considered today one of the fathers of national medicine. While eliminating errors, inaccuracies, fables, and speculations, the authors attempt to create his scientific biography on the basis of numerous archival documents and a critical overview of the sources of literature.

V.P. Obraztsov is viewed as one of Russia’s three leading clinicians (alongside with V.N. Sirotinin and V.D. Shervinsky). Another aim of the article is to specify the nature of main scientific priorities (deep sliding palpation of abdominal cavity organs method development; the description of clinical aspects and diagnostic criteria of acute coronary thrombosis that laid the foundation for the modern understanding of myocardial infarction). Beyond that, one of the major academic achievements,

i.e. the creation of a unique clinical school, the most influential in Russia (together with M.V. Yanovskiy’s school in Saint Petersburg) is examined. V.P. Obraztsov’s role in organizing the first congresses of general practice in Russia is presented. The article shows the striking, complex and exceptionally attractive individuality of Vasily Parmenovich, his unconventional life journey that ended tragically. The authors demonstrate that V.P. Obraztsov was the most important figure in the history of national internal medicine after S.P. Botkin.

Keywords: V.P. Obraztsov, congresses of gen ases therapy, psysicians’ elite, scientific schools, methodical palpation, myocardial infarction


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