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Nikolay Mukhin

Academic Biography
I.M. Sechenov 1st Moscow Medical Institute (now – I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University) – 1960.

Degrees and titles
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, academic of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Candidate’s dissertation on “Amyloidosis of the kidney” defended in 1966.
Doctoral dissertation, dedicated to various aspects of amyloidosis, defended in 1980.

Scientific activities
1966 – postgraduate student;
1960-1962 – physician at the polar station on Franz Josef Land;
1962 – I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, the department of therapy and occupational diseases, post-graduate student, assistant, associate professor, professor, head of the department (since 1968);
1986 – E.M. Tareev Clinic of Nephrology, Internal and Occupational Illness at I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, director;
2003 – M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, head of the department of internal medicine at the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine.
Scientific activity is devoted to studying issues of nephroprotective strategy, selective immunosuppressive treatment of kidney disease, the pathogenesis of nephritis and amyloidosis, urate nephropathy and kidney damage in systemic vasculitis, as well as problems of hepatology (chronic progressive disease of the liver), pulmonology (chronic interstitial lung disease), rheumatology (system ANCA-associated vasculitis, diffuse connective tissue disease).
Was a research consultant for 12 doctoral and 75 candidate’s dissertations.

Honorary Titles, Awards and Prizes
Twice winner of the State Prize of the USSR (1983, 1991). Honored Worker of Science (1996). Awarded the Order of Honor (1991), medals, and other honorable distinctions.

Research Interests
History of internal medicine, nephrology, hematology, pulmonology, rheumatology and historical aspects of the development of these disciplines.

Professional Organizations
Deputy chairman of the Russian Society of Physicians, the Moscow Scientific Society of Physicians, honorary chairman of the Scientific Society of Nephrology Russia, a member of the editorial boards of several medical journals (Therapeutic Archives, Clinical Medicine, Doctor).
Member of the Organizing Committee of the Man and Medicine Congress, where lectures, clinical reviews, scientific reports are regularly given. Member of the board of experts for the “Federal guidelines for physicians on the use of drugs”.

Scientific Publications
The author and co-author of approximately 250 publications, 12 manuals and monographs, including “Nefrologiya” [“Nephrology”], “Diagnostika i lechenie bolezney pochek” [“Diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases”] (1982, 2002), “Klinicheskaya nefrologiya” [“Clinical nephrology”] (1982), “Professionalnye bolezni” [“Occupational disease”] (2004), three textbooks (“Propedevtika vnutrennikh bolezney” [“Propedeutics of internal medicine”] (2002), “Vnutrennie bolezni” [“Internal medicine”] (2005, 2012), 2 vols., “Poliklinicheskaya terapiya” [“Outpatient treatment”]), “Osnovy nefrologii” [“Fundamentals of nephrology”] (1972) and others.


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