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Message from the Chairman

Dear colleagues!

   The current development level of the education system presents the scientific and pedagogical community with new challenges and creates a high level of demand for quality scientific research. The blurring borders between specialities require a search for innovative approaches to how research is conducted. Some important trends in the development of Russian education today are the transmission of the latest scientific findings, the exchange of ideas, the creation of discussion forums to guide constructive dialogue, and the making of collective decisions in all areas of scientific knowledge. Unique areas of research such as the history of medicine are no exception. An important feature of this discipline is its integrated character, which, of course, makes it an indispensable part of the training of modern, highly qualified medical specialists.

   It is for this reason that the decision was made to establish History of Medicine, the first practical-scientific, peer-reviewed journal of its kind in Russia; it is based in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Its distinguishing features include its multidisciplinary features, the breadth of its views, and its use of contemporary approaches to the history of the foundation and development of medicine as a science. Part of the mission of this project will be to strengthen the leadership of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and other Russian schools in the area of the history of medicine at the international level. Included within the editorial board and among the editorial council to our journal will be leading foreign and domestic scientists and specialists doing research in the history of science and history of medicine. This has become particularly evident in the basic fundamental discipline, “History of Philosophy and Science”.
   The requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation concerning personnel training for advanced scientific qualifications have significantly increased over the past few years. This is particularly evident in the fundamental discipline, “history and philosophy of science”. This fact indicates the need to rethink and upgrade educational programs for scientific research in the field of natural science in general and medicine in particular.
   Medicine, as an area of professional activity concerned with human beings, has always had a strongly pronounced social significance and its study would not be possible without considering the sociocultural and ideologies existing in each historical epoch. Specifically, medicine in the 21st century is a sphere of practical activity based on serious theoretical research and development. An important course in its further development will be a consideration of philosophical and humanitarian approaches to scientific research and a rethinking of the terms of medical care in this context.
   Today, while the resources of scientific and technical progress are widely used in the practice of medicine, the history of medicine as a science and questions of medical ethics as a sphere of practical application will be an integral component in the process of scientific research, and therefore in the process of medical treatment. The improvement of medical technology and the necessity of solving the new problems that face the healthcare system have made it necessary to identify and answer important historical-philosophical questions. In modern practice, the need to prepare medical professionals for the high-tech aspects of medicine is of particular importance. Thestudy of past experience regarding the development of scientific knowledge, along with its key factors and organization, offers new means of enrichment for modern medical science. Research founded on principles of historicism and a clear understanding of the laws of ontology and epistemology in the history of medicine will be a priority.
   You are holding in your hands a unique scientific publication which aims to foster an authoritative discussion forum and cultivate medical-historical research within the framework of a modern theoretical-methodological approach to the history of science. This will allow for the introduction of a scientific field never before offered in Russian historical science.

President of the Editorial Council
Of the Scientific and Practical Journal
“History of Medicine”,
Rector of I.M. Sechenov
First Moscow State Medical University
Corresponding Member of the
Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


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