Efficacy of Instructional Platform Regarding Prevention of Retinopathy on Type II Diabetic Patient's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice

Azza Anwar Aly ,Aisha Mohaib Omairan

History of Egyptian Medicine

Mahmood Hasen Shuhata ,Ahmed Alhili ,Muataz Mohammed Al-Taee ,Doaa A. Mohameed ,Nahida Hussin Ali

Serum and Seminal Plasma concentrations of Inhibin B and FSH: A Case-Control Comparison Study between Fertile and Infertile Males

Adnan A. H. Al-Bdairi ,Hayder Abdul-Amir. M. Al-Hindy ,Sallama Hamid Alkhudair ,Khudhair Hussein Alkadhim

Prevalence of skin manifestations in patients with β-thalassemia and its association with serum hemoglobin and serum ferritin in Diyala province

Zahraa Najah Alzuhairi ,Intisar Ahmed Hasan ,Thura Abbas Fadhel

Assessment of Vitamin D Level as a Risk Factor and Illness Severity Indicator in COVID 19 Cases

Salma Mohamed Sabir ,May Khalil Ismail ,Eman Hassan Ibrahim ,Zahra Arshad Khan

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